SXRC: Sunday

Sunday was awesome- I feel bad for all the SXSW volunteers who had to wear flyers about daylight savings taped to their shirts because, yeah, I totally forgot.

I got sweet parking and arrived in time to still be early for Suffering Man’s Charity, a film starring, produced by, and directed by Alan Cumming, who was present for the screening. I thought it was hysterical, but then again I love black humor. Ran out for a bit of lunch with Branaaan at El Mercado, which was delicious. After that I scooted over to this panel about email faux pas, and that was pretty great. People send really boneheaded emails, it seems. Then it was on to the Horror films of today panel, moderated by Harry Knowles. Then it was time for He Was A Quiet Man, a film about love and workplace violence, which was pretty great, but it wasn’t NEARLY as entertaining as the director’s rant against HD during the Q&A. You could practically hear the color drain out of people’s faces.

After the movies I met up with old friend Laurie and new friend Christian for dinner at Rio (our second time to go there, it’s pretty great!), hit up the web awards, and then it was off to parties. In the rain. This didn’t last very long. But once Laurie and I parted ways with Christian I knew I had to take her to Spider House, which she ended up really liking. I liked that it wasn’t teeming with crowds late on a Sunday night. Thanks Spring Break!

I have a lot to do and see today, but man, I love SXSW.

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