Music by the slice

Home Slice PizzaWe just wanted to pick up our cleaning at Washburn’s but there wasn’t a place to park for blocks around, so it was the alley or nothing. This is an alley-side view of Music by the Slice in the parking lot next door. Closest is the EZ-Up selling Home Slice souvenir tee-shirts, including sizes for kids. Scissors for Lefty was just warming up. The four Port-O-Sans were getting plenty of use. This is the only time that South Congress has more people milling around than it does on Hallowe’en. The big old house whose roof may be seen in the background used to contain the Rent-A-Wreck branch that we patronized during car-free interludes when four wheels were suddenly required. We also used to sit on the bank in front of that house to watch the Aqua Fest land parade back when (1) there was Aqua Fest, (2) there was a land parade with floats from all over Texas, and (3) the land parade started south of the river. It’s a beautiful old place, now devoted to private residential use.

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