The Nuge at KLRU this morning

I missed this last week in the SXSW frenzy, but apparently Ted Nugent taped an episode of Texas Monthly Talks this morning down at the KLRU studios on the UT campus. Did anybody see him?

That’ll be interesting. Evan Smith, the show’s host and editor of Texas Monthly, is sure to ask him about his governor’s ball performance earlier this year.

I did a quick check of the schedule for that show on KLRU and it doesn’t look like it’ll air until at least early May. I’ll definitely have to make a note to watch for that one.

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  1. pitman (unregistered) on March 21st, 2007 @ 6:08 pm

    Hopefully ole “Teddy No Nuts” will also discuss how proud he is for admitting in an interview with the Detroit Free Press (July 15, 1990) to urinating and defecating in his pants for an entire week before reporting for his draft board physical to coward his way out of serving his country during the Vietnam War. We Vietnam Veterans are very aware of this spineless, gutless, yellow-bellied, lily-livered pussy. I hope whoever interviewed this slime ball was wearing a respirator. Nugent’s stench might have have killed him.

    Ole Turd Nugget now tours the country earning as much as $25,000 a night preaching about patriotism and free speech all the while many from his generation that he betrayed are living in veterans hospitals around the country still suffering from physical and emotional scars from the very war that this filthy, yellow-bellied hypocritical coward ran from. He became rich while over 58,000 true patriots bled and died for his rights to wave his guns around. It’s OK to come out from under your MAMA’S Skirt Turd Nugget, the bullets have stopped flying.

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