Better questions, more surprising answers

In its March issue, Tribeza, now embarking on its sixth year (difficult to believe!), announced a number of changes, including a new editor and an updated Web site. Its on-line presence appears no different; evidently the planned launch has been pushed back. Tribeza, like Austin Monthly, has existed to be seen in print. The inauguration of a Houston version was also announced, with a Dallas edition to follow this summer.

Because I haven’t caught up with the April issue yet, I haven’t seen what the new editor, Helen Thompson, has to say. Is she the same person who has been with TexMo and its Domain offshoot and the same Helen Thompson who has contributed Texas stories to Metropolitan Home? I wonder.

I did find an on-line employment ad seeking a senior sales executive for a Houston edition, describing Tribeza as “a city luxury lifestyle magazine which focuses on community, FASHION, cuisine, arts and entertainment” and going on to declare that Tribeza “has the leading lifestyle magazine in Austin and is launching in Houston.” This week’s Chron reports that the Tribeza-affiliated Austin Magazine has officially ceased publication. I could never see what it contained that couldn’t be incorporated into Tribeza. The format was larger, but the design seemed outdated and was not so nearly so sharp as that of its smaller-format sibling.

So far, the biggest evolution noted is in the questions asked of the interview subjects in the recurring “Exposed” feature. I used to dislike the old ones, some of which were: who did you admire most as a child? now? what’s the biggest challenge you have overcome? what’s the most memorable compliment you have received? The answers were never a surprise. The new set of questions is a definite improvement. Of them, my favorite is: if you could have any superhero power, what would it be? Mine would be invisibility, but others have chosen time travel, flight, and psychokinesis. Doesn’t anybody want X-ray vision these days? I hope to find the April Tribeza this weekend in order to learn what’s now and what has remained the same.

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  1. mss (unregistered) on April 5th, 2007 @ 9:08 pm

    My first choice was invisibility but that would more fun if one could also time travel.

    My final answer: teleportation. How great it would be to jump over to Osaka for lunch, London to do some window-shopping, to the Grand Canyon for sunset, and end the day at home in my own bed.

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