On perma-hold

There were about a half-dozen flickers, two accompanied by noise, and then the power went out for real at just a little before 1:30 this afternoon. At just a few minutes after two, the power returned. In the meantime, we had seen two trucks from the electrical utility and two police cars and lots of neighbors trying to find out how widespread the outage was. We took turns holding on the report line, which wasn’t answered before power returned. We’ve been told before that top priority goes to the neighborhood reporting the most instances of trouble. At least there wasn’t an endless loop of the same few bars from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The crank-up radio offered no news, including on the City’s emergency station. If there’s any word about this event at all, my guess is that, once again, the squirrels will take the blame. I’m just glad that we have a gas stove and that we weren’t using the oven, which is electric, at the time. Now we can open the fridge again. I’m hoping that this does not recur, at least not today.

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