Just three more shows

circusThe Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus gives one more performance today (7:30) and two more tomorrow (1:30 and 5:30). Every year it’s different and every year it’s great. This year is no exception. This is the blue circus, and for us the standouts were the Cossack horseback daredevil act, the Chinese acrobat troupe in various configurations, a dynamic chiffon act, and the funny and inventive entertainment starring a troupe of domestic housecats. Your favorites will be different. Nobody’s favorite was the performance of The Star-Spangled Banner by a style bandit taking off on Gloria Estefan as she was about ten years ago. There were more motorcycles in the globe of death than I’ve ever seen before. The before-circus open house shouldn’t be missed. It’s great for kids, with lots of close-up participation. This year the band’s housed aloft (percussion, electric guitar, two trumpets, a trombone, and a saxophone, plus all the synthesized stuff). The number of rings is one. There’s a videographer capturing live action details for the giant live screen. We like to watch the outdoor “back stage.” We saw the poodles from the dog act out running around every which way, watched the queue forming at the pie wagon, and were reminded once again that it takes a lot of cigarettes to keep those equestrians and acrobats going. Bring binoculars along for enjoying every tiny detail.

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