The old folks’ shopping list

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to carry out those shopping missions. Austin’s a young town, it’s true, but there are still those whose requirements are not youthful ones. Here are some recent successes in crossing off those elusive items. I can never decide which are the “oldest” markets in town, the ones where people using walkers aren’t going to be mowed down in the aisles. From our expeditions of happy results, though, I can confirm that two of them are the Allandale H-E-B and the Randalls on Lake Austin Boulevard.

At the Allandale H-E-B was found Shimmer Lights shampoo. This has recently been repackaged. The old label said that this item is for “gray, white, highlighted and light blonde tinted hair.” The new one says it’s to “brighten and refresh” hair that’s “blonde & silver.” The part about preventing yellowing of white hair is in ever smaller print.

Those “now we are two” birthday cards for little kids are now available in extended age ranges for sending to those at the other end of life’s cycle. Randalls on Lake Austin Boulevard (the one that used to be a Safeway and once boasted a tree growing up through it encased in a glass-walled atrium) stocks a selection of birthday wishes marking specific five-year intervals all the way up to 100. My favorite for centenarians offers this sentiment: “Here’s to a century of greatness!” In addition to the one that I was commissioned to buy, I acquired examples of this one for people of all ages.

It was at that Randalls that Orville R. popcorn was found in the format sought. This is a tougher quest than it might seem to be, and it’s also difficult to find Jolly Time for the entertainment of children and for making outdoors. It’s all about shaking the aluminum pan and watching the top get bigger as the kernels pop. That we haven’t run across lately, but it must be around somewhere, and besides we haven’t been commissioned to track it down. At our customary H-E-B can sometimes be found house brand Hill Country Fare popcorn to be prepared the old-fashioned way, but everything else is packaged for the microwave oven. Some want the old style, and Randalls on Lake Austin Boulevard has Orville’s in the preferred format.

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