Minimal exposure for national exposure

Will Wynn pj picWho can blot this image, once seen, from one’s memory? No doubt Will Wynn hopes that his new image will efface this one, even though the top of his stylish hairdo has been cropped. The new Will Wynn style icon may be seen on page 226 of the September Esquire magazine, now on newsstands. His is among some three dozen photographs of mayors from around the nation and one of the eight to enjoy a page all to itself, though it’s not a full-length portrait, merely head and shoulders. Is there some deeper meaning to be drawn from the fact that he likens himself to Napoleon? In Esquire, there’s no great expanse of flesh; all is decently covered by a suit priced at $2,425, a necktie at $160, and a cheap little shirt at $99. The stylist has engaged in a bit of hair-poufing, but the photograph generally seems Photoshop-free. The earlier version of the Will Wynn style icon used here is definitely from the Austin Chronicle and pretty definitely from a column by Stephen McMillan Moser, but I could not find it on line, so I’m unable to credit the photographer. I had once scanned this image, but the result has been lost, and this is the best version (although low resolution and also, I believe, cropped) that came my way when I appealed to friends, many of whom had also saved this image, apparently for various comic purposes (the “funny” caption has been removed). Roughly parallel file-naming conventions appealed to many; there were several employing variations of “wynnjammies,” “wynnjama,” and the like.

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