Dumpster bin-din

We’re on super-giant open-top haul-away metal trash bin number four this month. These aren’t really Dempster-Dumpsters and they aren’t really ours. These large metallic objects, obviously veterans, are dented and paintless in places, and they possess rear doors that don’t latch and unlatch reliably. The clangs that go with opening and closing and the earth-shaking thud when the bins are dropped are just some of the auditory pleasures to be derived from their proximity. We’re all enjoying the noise, the dust, and the ugliness courtesy of new nearby property owners with big ideas.

The trucks that deliver the giant bins are extremely noisy and leave a pall of exhaust products behind them. The process is intricate. The replacement bin is dropped in a temporary location. The filled bin is lifted and moved to a different temporary location. The empty replacement bin is picked up again and then dropped where it’s to stay until filled. The filled bin is then picked up and driven away. One of them opened while the the hydraulic lift held it suspended at a 45-degree angle and spilled a lot of the demolition trash onto the ground.

When the first debris goes into a bin, there’s not all that much noise, because it’s rolled in on wheelbarrows and filled from the floor up via the rear door. Later a ramp is used. Later still, the door is closed and the demolition debris is lifted up or even tossed up into the bin. Air-conditioning ductwork is the most clamorous as it goes in.

Filling the “dumpsters” legitimately begins at about seven o’clock in the morning and ends when there’s no good light left. During the night, outlaw crews come and go disposing of their work debris gratis at this jobsite that isn’t theirs. We always hear them, because our windows are always open, but we just ignore them. A certain neighbor hears them occasionally and makes a point of running out shouting at the would-be clandestine dumpers. They always claim that they really work at the site and have permission to dump there, but they don’t. The midnight trash droppers-off have so far always been Anglo and the legitimate crews have so far always been Spanish-speaking.

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