Lap of luxury?

“Luxury Town, U.S.A.” is Austin’s new nickname in the Wall Street Journal (“High-End Brands Expand, and Austin Gets a Makeover,” byline Teri Agins). There are plenty of statistics cited to account for the new, ever-growing appetite for high-dollar goods, which The Domain was planned to satisfy, with a little help from common, ordinary taxpayers. Supposedly, the population of our metro area has doubled (to 1.5 million) since 1980, and Austin beats out Dallas and Houston when it comes to median household income (said to be $50,000, “well above the national median of $46,500”). Cited as “monthly society magazines” are Brilliant and Tribeza. I’ve seen only the first issue of the former, and the latter has been undergoing some changes lately, with the Web site slowly taking on the promised new look. The first sentence of the article declares “This is the year high-end retail discovered Austin.” We’ve been discovered before and then undiscovered again. There have been other influxes of moneyed people from elsewhere but, over time, Austin seems to influence their style more than they influence Austin’s.

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