Magnifico! An Audacious Tribute To Queen

965224409_6a003c7841_m.jpgIf you’re looking for something to do tonight, you should check this out. It’s free and has members of several excellent bands participating. I’m pretty much just copy and pasting from the e-mail that I received because it covers it all. I dropped the explanation of who Queen and Freddie Mercury are because, well, if you don’t know, then you’re not going to be very interested in this show anyway, are you?

WHAT: Debut Performance and Birthday Party for Freddie Mercury
WHERE: Chain Drive, 504 Willow Street – 480-9017
WHEN: Wednesday, September 5 at 11pm
COST: Free

Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind – Magnifico!
A New Queen Tribute Band Hits Austin Like An Atom Bomb…

On what would have been Freddie Mercury’s 61st birthday, a brand new Queen tribute band, Magnifico!, gives their debut performance for eager and unsuspecting patrons alike. The group of Austin musicians have devoted months to preparation – not as a one time lark but rather as a loving, if ostentatious homage to rock royalty’s most majestic rock band.

Drawing a set from both radio hits and deeper cuts, Magnifico! has spent countless hours learning the intricate progressions and notoriously complex backing vocals to do the music justice. “We all love Queen,” says member David Wyatt, “but we use the ‘tribute’ moniker reluctantly.” Whereas cover bands generally play music by multiple artists, most tribute bands focus on just one band and even go so far as dressing as specific members and taking on their speaking affectations. “No.” replies singer Zach Hall, “I’m not speaking with a British accent and I’m not growing a mustache.” But he may well wear tights. Considering Magnifico! is playing the music of one of music’s flashiest groups – they intend to be appropriately bawdy.

Magnifico! is made up of the outstanding vocalist Zach Hall (La Mancha), noble bassist, Margaret Myrick (Blackholicous), triumphant drummer Kevin Sparks (Black Irish, Bad Motivators), magnificent guitarist Adam Sultan (Mistress Stephanie & Her Melodic Cat), and distinguished keyboardist/guitarist David Wyatt (The Ron Titter Band, Captain Smoothe).

Awesome Freddie Mercury statue photo Creative Commons licensed from flickr user mondopiccolo

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