Time-share mouser

When vacant lots are cleared, they lose their homes. When buildings are demolished or hauled away, they lose their homes. When houses are “remodeled” by near total demolition and rebuilding in a quadrupled size, they lose their homes. I’m talking rats here. They’re like the boll weevils in one version of the old song, “jes’ lookin’ for a home.” Thanks to Ponder Lee, as we call her, those rats won’t be finding a new home with us. Ponder Lee has another name and a real home, just down the street a bit, where her True People see that she’s licensed and vaccinated, but her True People are not early risers, so she sometimes comes seeking a tiny snack at our doorstep very early in the morning. We finally broke down and started buying small quantities of nutritious Salmonettes and Chickenettes designed just for cats. Ponder Lee is very petite, but that doesn’t keep her from tackling rodents of the larger sizes and bringing their neatly dispatched remains here for approval. Thank you, Ponder Lee, for heading off three home-seekers during the past 24 hours. That’s sufficient reason to replenish stocks of your favorite breakfasts.

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