Seeking singles all over town

Pay attention to any right-of-way and eventually you’re sure to see one of these signs or one like them. All incorporate “single” or “singles” in the name of a domain. Here are the ones spotted so far:,,, and All these Web pages contain a photo of the Austin skyline;, found on line, shows only the photo of a generic Caucasian couple. Perhaps it’s intended to be for Austin, Chicago, and any other cities with a Hyde Park neighborhood., also found on line, sports a skyline, but not one known to me. Otherwise, these are just like the Austin-specific sites thus far seen, in that they, as do all the others, have a stack of three photos to the left, captioned in order “Parties,” “Trips,” and “Introductions.” The come-on is to “meet verified local singles now.” Ownership of the domains is cloaked. To me, this operation seems designed to collect as much personal information, including telephone numbers, as possible about as many people as possible, and not necessarily for fostering coupledom. It reminds me of the Who’s Who businesses out there. I think it’s funny that a responder is asked to “select” age, height, weight, education level, and occupation. If only we could! I think I’d select “Pulp & Paper” or perhaps “Quality Control,” but my guess is that “Consulting” would be then common occupation selected in Austin. Judging from the business cards dropped in restaurants to be drawn for that free meal or one-drink happy hour (I always inspect them), “Consulting” is a favorite all-purpose occupation for the many self- and un- and under-employed of Austin. Unfortunately, there’s no “Other” occupational category with a space to say what the “Other” is. I’m partial to “futurist.” Whoever designed the selections for “Typical Work Hours” does have a sense of humor; among the possibilities are “Prefer not to say,” “Always changing,” and “My time is my own.” Are there similar signs in parts of town other than the ones found? I wonder.

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