Frozen meal-in-a-box

Our friends at H-E-B and Central Market don’t bother to restock what doesn’t sell, so I hope this item’s still in the cold case when I shop again. It had long been awaiting a food emergency that finally arrived, so I don’t know how old it is or what it cost. I’m talking about “Central Market H-E-B Taste of India All Natural Curried Lentils Punjabi Dal.” It’s marked “product of Canada” and the package also says that “this product was made from ingredients that were not grown from genetically modified seed.” Although there are red lentils listed among the ingredients, the dal, by appearance and flavor, comprises yellow split peas predominantly. There’s at least as much rice as dal, described as “cooked brown basmati rice.” The rice doesn’t taste “brown” and it does have that wonderful nutty basmati flavor. I thought I noticed quite a bit of cardamom among the dal spices, which I like. This little meal makes me want to pay more attention to other meals that may be in this line, if it still exists. This one’s marked as one serving, vegetarian, and mild (or one chile out of a possible three). Since we’re on a never-ending tour of both Central Markets and all area H-E-B stores, I don’t even remember where this item was bought, and on-line searches using various terms brought no helpful results. Anyhow, I’m hoping it’s still out there for the buying and that maybe there are companion items that are just as good. Good old down-home H. E. Butt Grocery Co., always bringing fresh and exotic surprises, making no two shopping trips duplicates!

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