A favorite freebie

It’s for this year’s Austin-pack, the one that’s going to former Austinites, Austinites-to-be, people who’ve visited and who will visit Austin, and out-of-town friends and family generally. We all make them up. Very often they must include those elusive food items that aren’t shipped commercially. And there’s the souvenir tee-shirt category. I’ve already mentioned the small-sized silk-screened radish aprons from the Farm to Market Grocery with a big 78704 as a component of the design. We often include a souvenir calendar in our gift-packs: Mexican sentimental art from Tesoros, a neighborhood historic preservation or school fund-raising one from around town, or perhaps the naked musician calendar (available for [ahem!] inspection at Wheatsville Co-op). Here’s one that’s free and very handsome. Besides, it makes an excuse to check out the Whip In convenience store, if you haven’t lately, and, since the inventory is constantly evolving, a person never knows what discovery awaits. The calendar is a very large one-sheet and will require rolling to go into a tube for mailing. The typeface is handsome and legible and the design is a variation on the many-handed deity now front and center at the Web site. The paper is of quite a heavy weight, with a wonderful tactile quality. It’s plain that a great deal of consideration went into production of this calendar and, with or without the date portion at the bottom, it will make a fine permanent display item once framed.

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