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I voted sticker) This is the sticker that proves it. Everyone encountered afterward noticed the sticker and had something to say about the elections. This was after work yesterday. H-E-B on South Congress looked busy, so it was on to the Fiesta, formerly Albertsons, farther south. I forgot to ask the election judges how turnout has been thus far in numbers. I did ask whether there seemed to be people out to vote who appeared to be unfamiliar with the post-punchcard voting system that’s been in use since the November elections in 2001. The reply was that a great many people may be voting for the first time in a few years.

I’ve found that people seem to be confused about the precinct conventions. Some people have heard the word “caucus,” and I guess that people do caucus at the conventions. Some people seem to think that early voters can’t attend their precinct conventions. This is not true. Just appear with your stamped voter card at the voting location for your precinct on Election Day, March 4. For those who voted in the Democratic primary, the convention time is 7:15 pm; for those who voted in the Republican primary, the time is 8:00 pm. It never hurts to appear a bit early. Debate your platform and select delegates to the county convention.

This isn’t about the presidential candidates alone, at least not for those voting in the Demcratic primary: there are four candidates seeking to replace incumbent Ronnie Earle. The office of the Travis County district attorney houses a unit empowered to enforce laws pertaining to state government as well as carrying out the customary duties of any district attorney.

The party Web sites for Travis County follow in alphabetical order: Democratic, Green, Libertarian, and Republican. Here’s the Travis county clerk’s election page, with many links, including to the League of Women Voters site.

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