Fliptastic triangulating

Flipnotics, the TriangleFlipnotics has a version of itself at the Triangle these days. Speaking of coffee, the espresso at $1.19 was a generous shot of excellent coffee prepared as it should be. Presentation in a Styrofoam cup did nothing to enhance the superiority of this excellent beverage, but that’s a mere quibble.

The lighting by day is crepuscular, quite a relief from the brightness of the noonday sun. There’s plenty of room for those wishing to take advantage of the free WiFi. The only evidence of day that makes its way in is back behind the small stage, where a window looks out upon a courtyard pool and those sunning themselves by it.

Emerging from the Flipnotics twilight world, we wandered by a bocce court and a funny fountain with programmed multiple sprays. You won’t see it at work, though, until you find that activating button and push it.

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