South 1st St Art Walk – Redux

The S 1st Art Walk didn’t disappoint. First up I got a great deal on a Cruiser bike from South side bicycle shop, they were doing 25% off for the day; which was great, as I was a bit short of time and had been looking for a street bike. Next-up was GAGA, I dropped off my canned food in the Capital Area Food Bank collection.

Michelle Olson - Knotty Bags

Michelle Olson - Knotty Bags

Just around the corner and outside Austin Baby, was Knotty bags. Michelle was busy crocheting hand-rolled, used plastic bags into brightly colored and strongs re-cycled and re-usable bags.

Shadymaiden Tattoo Stencil Lampshades

Shadymaiden Tattoo Stencil Lampshades

Over on the east side of S 1st, on the side of Amelia’s Retro-Vogue & Relics was Shadymaiden, Adrienne Pond was creating innovative and unusual lampshades.

milli * starr millinery

milli * starr millinery

Around the back of Amelia’s, Laura Hill, resplendent in smart, 50’s style retro clothing and glasses, was making hats for her milli*starr millinery display.

Happiness, chill out discovery of the day!

Happieness, chill out discovery of the day!

Further back was Happiness. This was the find of the day. Eclectic, quiet, cool(in more ways than one), 78704 at it’s best. I’d seen the signs but never ventured back there before. It was so good I had to call my friend and invite her to join me. Go see it yourself, some great succulents, cacti, and general good vibes.

Henris painting, pictures at the Ultraviolet salon

Henris' painting, pictures at the Ultraviolet salon

Having toured many of the other businesses and art displays, I finally found myself at the Ultraviolet salon. Outside Henri was displaying a collection of his prints, both canvass and paper. My eye was caught by the Broken Spoke picture seen on the right here, possibly perfect for what I wanted to do with my guest room. Sadly, already sold. The picture of Barton Springs pool(center) was also interesting, but a little too photo-realistic for my taste.

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  1. pbarnhart on October 5th, 2008 @ 8:37 pm

    I’ve been looking for those bags – thanks for the photo and the link! Hopefully she is staying away from any small business clinics :-)

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