Passed by no more, and now automated

Are we the last for miles around to have our meter changed out? We kept seeing trucks in the neighborhood and the guys would say that they were changing out old mechanical electric meters for ones that may be read remotely. We’d ask about us and the only answer would be that our house wasn’t on the list.

Today we came by to check on the mail and found a vehicle in front of the house: a person was aloft on a pole and another was trying to puzzle out the intricacies of opening the housing for the meter. They were there to change out the meter: and they did!

This notice arrived months ago but we were never “on the list” and we were beginning to believe that we never would be. Today we received one of these “mission completed” door-hangers.

The process seemed to be fast, but the technicians said that, because of the old (they were too polite to say “ancient”) meter and the need to change out some wiring, the installation took longer than most. We must have been visited by the senior experts. We were warned that “everything” in the house would have to be reset, but I don’t believe we have a single item that requires it. Luddites in residence.

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