Once over coffee on South First

cappuccino and croissant - Hmmm coffeeee

cappuccino and croissant - Hmmm coffeeee

Sounds like the start of a novel, in reality it’s a new coffee bar on S 1st St. Hopefully you can’t have too many coffee shops, the economic downturn hasn’t stopped the flow here in Austin.

One thing Once over Coffee has got right, literally, is that it is on the right side of the street for the downtown commuters on their way to work. Since it has a good few parking spaces there should be a steady stream of early morning drinkers heading there. However, based on my visit this morning, it deserves much more than a quick in and out with a paper cup full of “joe”.

Jenee and Rob the co-founders of Once over seem to have a real passion for coffee. The cappuccino I had this morning was simply the best I’d had for a very long time. Far from the now popular over-milky, bland big cup drinks, it was presented French style. Rich coffee flavour, bigger than an expresso, and with just the right amount of throth. I had to have a croissant to go with it, sadly there was no butter to spread and it was cold, but still light and fluffy.

Jenee tells me that their focus is on “the quality of the coffee. Really good coffee takes a lot of money, time, and passion.” Rob and Jenee have been in the specialty coffee industry for several years and they believe that “you cannot fake the passion[for good coffee]”. They’ve spent many dollars and days traveling the country learning from the top people in the industry. Their first shop, Izzy’s Coffee Den in Asheville, NC, taught them that you never “get it”. You have to always keep trying to do it better.

Their objective is to run the place to give the feel which is very similar to a bar. They both worked in bars (among other professions) before opening a coffee house, so they modeled their first one after a bar, they didn’t know how else to do it. It worked, and they are trying again!

Oh, the name comes from an X song – The Once Over Twice. Rob and Jenee liked that it’s a familiar phrase, easy to say, easy to spell and we’re big on coffee pun names. I didn’t get it, maybe someone could ask on their first visit and leave a comment to explain to me ;-)

Once over coffee is located at 2009 S. 1st Street (between Mary and Live Oak) and is open Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and Sat & Sun 8am-6pm. They do plan to extend opening hours in the summer. They will have wireless available, I didn’t get to check it out this morning as I was too engrossed in discussion and with both cappuccinos.

For the sake of transparency, yes I paid for everything, and didn’t extract any futures promises to write this :-) It was a pleasure.

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