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Austin’s Day of Infamy – Follow-Up

I wrote last week about tomorrow being the 40th anniversary of the UT Tower Shooting. I’ve been updating that post periodically over the past week as new posts have cropped up. I’ve got a few more today:

Lastly, thanks to the Austinist for marking my original post as one of their Best of the Austin Blogs picks last week.

Check out Part 1 and Part 3.

Deano, Nuber, and the tagging phenomenon

I was glad to see News 8 do a story on the tagging/graffiti phenomenom. It’s has been a problem in my West Campus neighborhood and every where else in town for a while.

Tagging is something I just don’t get. Is it considered an art form? I guess maybe the art could be in the sheer volume of tags, but that is being generous. Is it competition to see who can tag the most things? I’ve never thought of it as gang-related as the News 8 article suggested. I found this article that provides background on it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop it?

Austin’s Day of Infamy

bullet.jpgA week from today marks the 40th anniversary of the infamous UT Tower shootings. On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the UT tower and began firing at the people below. He ultimately killed 15 (including his wife and mother, whom he killed that morning before the shooting spree) and wounded 31.

Texas Monthly is running a feature which tells the story in the words of those who were there that day. It includes the stories of many of the victims and one of the men responsible for ending the ordeal, Ray Martinez. Until reading some of these accounts, I hadn’t realized that two men, Martinez and Houston McCoy, shot Whitman and that there was contention between the two about who actually killed him. McCoy brought a lawsuit filed a claim against the City of Austin in 2000 for PTSD from the incident and they counter-sued saying that he’d waited too long to file the claim. You can read more at this site run by John Moore who acted under power of attorney for McCoy.

The shootings were the catalyst for the formation of modern-day SWAT teams. At that time, Austin Police Department officers were only equipped with revolvers or shotguns, weapons that were useless at the distance needed to take down Whitman without storming the tower and getting to him at close range. EMT was also virtually non-existent.

South/East Austin Crime Spike?

I half-jokingly made fun of K-EYE last week about their headlines, but we appear to have had a rough weekend in South/East Austin.

A man was stabbed to death in an apartment complex across the street from Travis High School on Sunday and another man was shot during a home invasion yesterday. It appears there was a second shooting later in the day. I think the Statesman story last week on Mission Hill, a street only a few blocks from my house and notorious among the neighbors, has made me somewhat hypersensitive, but this still seems like another outlier weekend for crime by Austin standards. I personally thought the Mission Hill story was a bit exaggerated in its description of the street.

What The ?!?! K-EYE Headlines in the last 24 Hrs.

It doesn’t appear to be a full moon. Is it the heat? These are some of the headlines in the last 24 hours from KEYE:

We’re currently gym shopping for the family and 24 Hour Fitness was one of the places we were considering. After their reaction to that last story, not so much.

P.S. Did K-EYE decide to just start doing a direct feed of the police blotter or what?

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