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Local video queen draws attention

The subject header reads, Texas Woman Beats Google to the Punch, Marries Video to AdSense Ads (23 May). Her software is called Video Code Maker. Does it work? The piece, to be found on the PRweb portion of Yahoo! business news, is in the nature of a press release. The video queen’s site has an extensive FAQ page and there’s a free 10-day trial version available. Is this something that people have been working on? Yes; and the article about our neighbor appeared in connection with fanfare about Google’s own efforts.

Earth Day Computer Recycling Event

There’s a computer recycling event on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd from 9am to noon at Spansion (formerly the AMD campus), 5204 East Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78741. There’s a printable flyer available here.

Round2 Technologies will sell or recycle all donated items and the proceeds will be donated to Austin Free-Net. They evaluate the donations for usability and resale. Non-working equipment has the marketable metals and parts removed and the dangerous lead and mercury in monitors and other computer equipment are safely recycled.

So, you can save the environment, get rid of that 486 DX/66 that’s been cluttering up your office and help get more technology and services to those who need it and can’t afford it themselves. You know it’s the Right Thing To DoTM.

There’s a list of what they will and won’t take after the jump.

New APL LibraryLookup Bookmarklet

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I’d lost one of the little marvels of technology that brightened my day when the Austin Public Library upgraded to a new online catalog.

Last night, I tried to access the catalog to double-check the due date on my latest read. Attempts to login to my account resulted in a “Unable to create socket: errno = 24”. After e-mailing the library about this, they translated the error from computer to english. Apparently, it meant

The catalog was down from 9:00 pm last night until almost 8:00 am this morning. It was necessary to run a full back up of the system because of changes to the server done over the weekend. Please try again today.
We regret the inconvenience.

That’s cool, although figuring out a way to have that message displayed on the site as opposed to the one I got would be even cooler. Since I was e-mailing them anyway, I offhandedly mentioned the broken Library Lookup and pointed them to a couple of links, asking if they could perhaps fix it?

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to get an e-mail from Carlos, APL Web Developer Extraordinaire. He’s fixed what I couldn’t pull off on my own (I was missing an extra “/x” in my attempt.) and I’m very happy to report that the LibraryLookup is functioning again. He even created a page for it with some instructions on the APL site. How cool is that?

Carlos, I’m telling Toby Futrell here and now that you deserve a raise. You rock.

French-fried residue provides propulsion

BioWillie receives national press coverage in today’s NYT business section: His Car Smelling Like French Fries, Willie Nelson Sells Biodiesel. We’re not the only part of the world where his biofuel brand is available. There’s even a Bio Willie website, tagged “Home of Farm Fresh Biodiesel.” And now there’s BioWillie humor out there (“how can soybeans be used for evil purposes?”) to help lighten up the seriousness of the National Biodiesel Board.

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