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Bad TV Alert with an Austin Twist

I’m embarrassed that my first post on Austin Metroblogging is about something so cheesy as Rock Star: Supernova, but there is an Austin connection. Patrice Pike is one of the contestants, she of Sister Seven fame and Austin residence. If you can put up with the tired rock star jargon (“right on, right on, my brother”), Dave Navarro in general for more than five minutes, and what appears to be a wig on Gilby Clarke, then its an entertaining show. There are some good performances.

I thought Patrice put in one of the stronger performances last week, but there is some strong competition. That crazy South African girl, Dilana, seems to fit well with Tommy Lee and gang. If I was Patrice, I’m not sure I’d want to win. That would involve touring with Supernova and probably signing an indentured servant-type contract with the producers. I’d just want to stick around long enough to develop some national name recognition. She has an excellent chance of going far into the competition.

News 8 Austin Fireworks coverage…were they drunk?

Last night we spent the 4th indoors at a friend’s house where much good food was had. When 9:30 rolled around, we turned on the News 8 Austin coverage of the symphony and the fireworks. The 30 minutes that followed had the entire room doing a Mystery Science Theater 3000 type commentary and finding it hard to believe that this was a professional television station. I work on a cable access show where everyone is a volunteer, and we’ve never had a show that looked that bad. The camera work was atrocious. Horribly chosen shots, bad framing, jerky zooms, etc. The worst offender was a long shot of the city with the fireworks going off overhead that was completely blurry and out of focus. In fact it seemed to get worse each time they cut back to it. This really begged the question as to who was directing the show, and why would they even cut to this shot, much less linger on it for what seemed like an excruciatingly long period of time. Several times. Luckily we all had a good time reveling in the comedy of how bad it was. Our best guess is that they since it was a holiday the people with training must have been off, and they must have let a bunch of new untrained interns run the show.

Austin Now documentary on APD

Image from Austin NowAustin Now, a program on KLRU, is airing a documentary about the persistent charges of misuse of force by the Austin Police Department and the on-going political battle over who really controls APD and speaks for the officers this Friday, May 26th at noon and 8pm and again on Sunday at 4:30pm.

This should be especially interesting in the light of this past week’s announcement that Chief Stan Knee is resigning to go work in Afghanistan.

Thanks to April for the tip!

Plastic Surgery Disasters

Jenny Lee image from The InsiderCNN reports that Dr. Robert Rey (aka Dr. 90210) had to restrain an elderly passenger on a flight from Austin to LA. Apparently, Rey was in town filming a segment for The Insider (oh, Pat O’ Brien, what happened?) on Jenny Lee, a woman who is addicted to plastic surgery. That last story says Lee is a Dallas resident, so I’m not sure what they were doing in Austin.

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve watched a few episodes of Dr. 90210 and it’s more than a little amusing to find out that Dr. Rey, a man who himself is clearly obsessed with image and whose affluent lifestyle is a direct result of promoting plastic surgery is going to advise someone that they’ve gone overboard with it. The good doctor’s wife clearly has a serious eating disorder, something they’ve only marginally dealt with on the show from what I’ve seen. The mind boggles.
Image from The Insider

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