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Railroad Commission of Texas – who’da thought?

As a non-voter, ad nauseam(1), I was astonished to listen to a News-8 piece this morning on the elections of the Railroad Commission of Texas.

While its been encouraging to read/listen to the discussions on Prop 2., it seems to me that there should also have been some useful pointers to this VERY IMPORTANT commission. Maybe as a newcomer maybe I’m just the only one that didn’t know?

As you show up to vote, please take time to familiarize yourself with the relevant positions wrt this board. They literally hold some of the most important controls for energy pricing and production for the future, especially in wind, solar and gas.

I know that many may opposed to wind and solar farms for their looks and their environmental impact, they are likely to happen any way. Yesterday the UK officially opened one of the biggest wind farms off the east coast of England to become the world’s biggest offshore wind generator.

Wind farms need investment to build. They also need investment to connect to the grid, however, given proper design and build they are not difficult or expensive to run and maintain. The same can be said for solar power.

Texas has both the size and conditions to run large wind and solar farms, the question is who should end up owning these? Large multi-nationals, billionaires or state or local cooperatives.

Here are three resources to help you get started:

(1) Despite paying a bunch of money in income tax, and ever increasing property tax(although I guess not next year because of the drop in the property market, as a non-citizen I can’t vote. I would otherwise, do you have any reason not to vote?

Thirty questions answered

Candidates for city council running in the local election set for May 10 (remember; the primary run-off election is on April 8, with early voting ending April 4) have stepped up and answered an additional set of thoughtful questions. This time, the questionnaire is from the BAT-PAC people. Whatever anyone thinks of the BAT endorsements, these questions and the replies that they elicited are the sort to assist the undecided in making up their minds. They’re just as useful as the earlier responses to the ANC battery of questions and the yet-to-be released responses to the League of Women Voters issue queries. This is the preamble to a question about an issue that I believe to be extremely important, especially in view of the rush to unload City-owned land downtown and transfer it into private hands on favorable terms: “We are told by the City Administration that the City can no longer afford to purchase land for community facilities downtown, yet land the city already owns downtown is being proposed for sale for private development. Moreover, we are told that we must relocate essential city services away from the populations they serve without adequate transportation services.” “BAT” stands for “Better Austin Today.” The complete elections calendar and additional information about registration and voting may be found at the site of the Travis County clerk.

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