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Mighty Cone

Mighty Cone

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We finally checked out Mighty Cone on Sunday. We were hungry and had to go grocery shopping at HEB Oltorf anyway. I’ve been passing the “food trailer park” that’s sprung up on South Congress for weeks and meaning to get over there. Hey Cupcake! started the invasion and now there’s a Roppolo’s Pizza, a popcorn trailer, a crepe trailer and an Armadillo coffee trailer in addition to Mighty Cone. The church that owns the lot has added electricity and port-a-potties to accommodate all of the businesses. A little bird tells me that the land has been sold and that there’s going to be a hotel on the lot. I’m not sure what this means for the vendors on the lot now or how soon that will take shape. I imagine they could just find another spot and move.

As for Mighty Cone, they’ve got a pretty nice setup. As you can see from the photo, the tables have been built with cone holders in the middle. They had a nicely shaded area with some hanging plants. I opted for the special of the day, The Purple Pig. Swine Flu be damned! I’m having revenge on Porky with their pulled pork and purple cabbage cone. It was good. The Wife went for the ACL tradition of the Chicken and Avocado cone. If you’re familiar with their ACL offerings, you can find them all here including Death By Chocolate. They’ve added shrimp to the choices along with a kid option which is served with plain chicken (no sauce or slaw) and french fries.

All in all, a pleasant Sunday afternoon lunch watching the people pass by up and down South Congress. I’m not sure how pleasant it’ll be in August, but it’s nice to have so many more local fast food options in that area.

Long Overdue Trip to Aster’s Ethiopian

Reading the reviews on Yelp, it’s pretty clear that there’s no middle ground on Ethiopian food. It seems you either like it or you don’t, especially injera bread, the spongy, slightly sour bread you use if you don’t want to use your hands to eat. I thought some of the reviews there were pretty ignorant and obnoxious, something you *never* see in Internet comments.

Veggie Dishes - photo by yiI first tried Aster’s as a lunch takeout option from Whole Foods, but ever since the restaurant at 26th and I-35 opened, I’ve been wanting to go check it out. My introduction to Ethiopian food was at a restaurant in Washington DC about 8 years ago with an old college friend of my wife’s. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the place, but I enjoyed it. If you’ve never had it, Ethiopian food is a little like Indian food, but different enough to make it a nice alternative.

The decor of the restaurant is pretty spartan, but the place is inviting. It’s not very big, roughly 10-12 tables. The patio looks like it nearly doubles the capacity though it was too cold last night to eat out there. We ordered three meat dishes for three adults and two kids and had plenty of food. Each meat dish includes smaller or side portions of three vegetarian dishes and two injera breads. Our food arrived on a large platter with all of the choices spread across three injera breads opened out flat (this is where taking a picture would’ve been a good idea, but Yi to the rescue via Flickr).

We ordered the DoroWott, Kitfo and the mild lamb dish (either the Keyi- or Alicha- BeggWott). We were served FasoliaWott, Gomen, AlichaMiser, KeyiMiser, Azifa and Bedergan as sides with double-helpings of some of those. Many of the dishes are spicy, but there’s enough mild dishes for those who don’t go for that. I’d never had the Kitfo, which can be served uncooked or seared. I went for the seared version. The flavor isn’t like many things that I’ve had before. I quite liked it. I’ve left out the descriptions, but you can find them on their web site, which, incidentally, needs some help.

The service was good. Our waiter was knowledgable and attentive and the price was reasonable. It was just under $60 for the five of us. I was the only one who ordered beer or wine. My mother-in-law enjoyed the Ethiopian spiced hot tea. If I didn’t work so far away, I’d be all over their lunch buffet and specials. The place was pretty well packed at 7pm last night. I hope they’re doing that well as a general rule because I’d like to see them stick around.

Salmonella Outbreak: Might as well tell me I can’t eat

We’ve all, no doubt, heard about the salmonella outbreak by now. Reports first blamed tomatoes, then jalapenos and cilantro. The tomato ban was lifted last week. A new report today says that salmonella has been found in a Mexican jalapeno at a plant in Texas. Here’s the FDA page on the outbreak.

This is killing me. Figure it out already. That latest report is so contradictory and vague, I don’t know what to think. If I can’t have tomatoes, jalapenos or cilantro, you might as well tell me that I’m not allowed to have food.

Extreme Local Food

Local vegetables and lentils make for good eating.

Tonight, I made an incredibly healthy and tasty meal – using all ingredients from farmers within 150 miles of Austin.  Most of the meal – a yummy combination of red lentils, zucchini, okra, carrots, and green pepper, with Asian spices – came from sellers at the Austin Farmers Market, which is a producer-only market held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The lentils were purchased at Whole Foods Market and are from Austin’s New World Sprouts.  The spices – garlic, ginger, soy sauce, salt, pepper, sesame oil – were not locally produced, but the appropriately named beer was from the East side’s Independence Pale Ale.  The beer was especially important since I made the food a wee bit too salty. 

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