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Operant conditioning for the self

Frugal MediaReinforcement is necessary after a visit to the dentist, or a person might never go again. I learned all this from B. F. Skinner (ask me, sometime, about my trained pigeon).

At Frugal Media I treated myself to a duplicate copy of a favorite guide to the birds, plus a book of maps and a Madhur Jaffrey book of Indian recipes printed in the U.K. In stock right now is a very good selection of guidebooks to Austin, a valuable resource when inspiration fails and there are visitors in the house. There’s plenty of comfortable seating for those inclined to browse before buying, and a sign on the door reported that there’s free WiFi.

Then it was on to lunch at the Frisco Shop. I lucked out, since there were still a few choice items of baked goods from the breakfast menu (biscuits and cornbread, those non-pareils). The Frisco, the slaw, the Top Chop’t, and the superlative pie were as pleasing as ever. New to the Frisco are mixed drinks, and the margarita is an excellent value that in no detail disappoints: fresh lime juice and honest ingredients in the proper proportion.

Favorites at booths and tables within sight were the special-of-the-day meatloaf, CFS, catfish, jalapeno spinach, and slices of pie. We saw familiar faces, and could overhear much juicy gossip: personal, political, and business. I love the Frisco!

From pies to peripherals

Here’s the news on the fabulous pies of the Frisco Shop, made by the same pastry experts who produce those divine biscuits: call ahead, and do it the day before, ideally at least 24 hours before. The number is 459-6279.

This morning at 9:30, the day’s pies were still in the oven. We were sad not to take away a pie (any of the varieties would have done very nicely, thank you), but were delighted to take away two heavenly biscuits, and very happy to see how busy the Frisco is. Many of the patrons were resplendent in burnt orange.

Since we were in the neighborhood and had some time to spare, we checked out Discount Electronics for the very first time, seeking some speakers for a laptop in order to improve the sound experience for a presentation before a good-sized audience. All appears to be well organized and properly labeled. I thought that the prices were good. My fellow-seeker found an elusive item today. The two guys there were very patient with and very helpful to some far-from-young female computer neophytes. One of the staff members had a tip new to me that solved a problem that’s been perplexing me for a long time. In keeping with the general air of tidiness, this place, incidentally, has very clean restrooms. When I was busy replacing desktop innards piece by piece, I used to frequent another establishment. In the future, my first stop will be Discount Electronics.

Frisco feasting

Frisco open again at lastWe took the last two available seats at the counter. It was 11:05 am and the Frisco was jumping. The menu has all my favorites on it, so I didn’t note any changes, or at least not any that matter to me. There’s a big open window into the much more spacious cooking quarters, so those sitting at the counter and in the same room have plenty to entertain them.

Among today’s vegetables were Brussels sprouts, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, and more. I was too late for biscuits. There were beautiful pies in the case. My Chop’t was as good as ever and seemed to be a great favorite of the other rejoicing patrons as well.

The parking lot was full and people reported parking up and down the street and even across it. There was much table-hopping and shaking of hands. The local daily sent a reporter and photographer to the Frisco yesterday and has posted a couple of evocative Ralph Barrera photographs, along with a clear map showing the new location. I’ll be there at the Frisco for breakfast very soon, I hope, and early enough to enjoy those heavenly biscuits.

Frisco fans, rejoice!

Frisco signThe hawk flies again, the sign proclaims. I toured the interior of the new Frisco location this afternoon. Three different people on the site confirmed that all are laboring mightily to open on Monday.

There were no copies of a menu lying around anywhere. There’s beautiful gilded hand-painted signage on the doors, and one says that the Frisco will be open every day from 7 am until 10 pm. Check it out at the former north Curra’s, 6801 Burnet, just a short distance from the original Frisco location.

If there’s any justice in this world, the Frisco will be there serving up the eponymous Frisco, the famous Top Chop’t, the pies that some people just buy in their entirety to take home for household enjoyment, and the biscuits beyond compare; and Monday will be the day. I’m counting the hours. I have felt so sad to see the demolition of the old Frisco home, but the sign’s been saved (and repainted) and, if Monday’s not the day, the day will be upon us very, very soon.

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