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DA candidate distributes novel campaign literature

I’ve never seen anything quite like this piece. It was not intended to be mailed; there is no place to put the information required for delivery to a mailbox; every bit of space is used to convey the campaign message. I saw this color card hand-delivered. It’s personalized and refers to the individual household where it was left in several ways. It bears a message that begins in this way: “Dear [So-and-so] Family.” The candidate says, “My pledge to the [So-and-so] family is to bring a new energy to this office.” The dates for early voting, are furnished and so is the nearest early-voting location, and there’s a reminder about election day itself that includes the individual precinct number and that precinct’s polling place on election day. For the benefit of the person delivering this color piece printed on coated paper and bearing a union bug, the household’s address is printed in small type at the very bottom. I’m truly impressed. Were there not enough volunteers to deliver these pieces, they would be wasted, since they are so individualized and could not be used in another way without putting stickers over or blotting out about five places on each card. I’ve seen no campaign effort this personalized since every single local candidate campaigning used to come to the door and knock on it, no matter what the office, including mayor, sheriff, county judge, and down from there. This literature is from Mindy Montford, whose campaign Web page begins with an annoying automatic feature. The video at the Rosemary Lehmberg site waits for the viewer to play it. This is an important campaign. The candidates seem to have different ideas about how best to use the limited and expensive resource that is a trial. The League of Women Voters guide contains information about these run-offs, including the one for Railroad Commissioner. Those of us who live in precinct one must vote for county commissioner as well. Only those who voted in the primary may vote in the run-off election. I like to vote early. The most frequent location is the Travis County courthouse, but this time it was the Ruiz branch library, handy following the lunch hour (and with plenty of parking, for those who care).

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