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City Council Meeting This Week: Texting and Billboard Ordinances

This week’s city council meeting should be interesting. There are two ordinances and related matters up for consideration that tend to light up comment threads.

The first is the texting ban that was passed earlier this year and is going for another reading before being put into effect next month (item 90 under Items from Council). Chip Rosenthal is one of those leading the opposition to the ban’s current wording. I tend to agree with Chip on all of his points. You can also follow Chip and this issue via the Facebook Fan Page if you’re into that sort of thing.

The second (item 92 under Items from Council) is something that the Statesman has called out via Twitter and on its City Beat blog. The city is considering reimbursing Reagan for moving a billboard that will be out of compliance with a city ordinance if it changes that ordinance (141 PH on the agenda) to require billboards to be 500 feet from residences. The actual resolution can be found here. After reading the comment thread on the Statesman, I’m not surprised that most of the commenters have neglected to even read the resolution.

As the Statesman post sort of indicates, City Council is proposing changing the ordinance that dictates how close the billboard can be to residences. If the ordinance changes, then the billboard will be out of compliance. If it was in compliance when it was erected, where does that leave Reagan? The rationale in the resolution is that we’re trying to promote growth downtown, so we need to make changes like this to promote that growth. That being said, it sounds like poor planning on someone’s part with respect to the zoning and the ordinances for signage. And, as others have already asked, if we have to pay to move this one, how many others are there? Will we pay for all of them too? Or is this one really getting special treatment? Don’t changes like this usually have grandfather clauses to avoid this sort of problem?

Moonlight by daylight

At Moonlight Bakery on South Lamar I found the only plain croissant in Austin other than the one made by Sweetish Hill that I would ever consider consuming. Another winner is the Italian bread, shaped like a giant bolillo (pointed on both ends, slashed down its “spine,” and coated in poppy seeds, apparently made from unbleached flour and with my favorite kind of crust, not brittle and not soft, just chewy). I loved the homestyle cookies, especially the snickerdoodles and the so-called “refrigerator” cookies, striated with chocolate. These are almost miniatures and are cookies for grown-ups, with true flavors and no over-dependence on just plain sugar. The same is true of the diminutive but flavorful chocolate-chip or Tollhouse cookies. Since I’m a bread and cookie person, I’m unable to report on anything other than the appearance of fancier items. Accomplices in baked-goods debauchery report wondrous things of the fruit pastries, cream horns, small eclairs, coconut macaroons, gingerbread people, kolaches, and many more. Moonlight Bakery is open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm every day but Sunday, when the hours are from 8 am to 2 pm. Currently on the wall is photographic art by David Jewell, and it is art, not “art.” These small works are available at a very reasonable price. See for yourself. This was my first visit to Moonlight Bakery, but it won’t be my last. The menu promises an entire universe of baked-goods, including cakes, cupcakes. To think that I happened upon it only because someone needed an item from Batteries Plus, next door.

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