Sam and Bob explain it all for you

Politicians listen to the Sam and Bob show on KVET 98.1-FM. When they can’t listen personally, they assign someone to do it for them. Politicians who are brave come into the studio or call in to the show. So do brave coaches (e.g., Mack Brown), but, of course, they’re politicians also.

Today, after I caught the KAZI Breakfast Club, I was able to spend some time with Sam and Bob. There was a caller very well versed in the workings of the Austin water and wastewater utility. He wouldn’t give his name, which of course irritated Sammy. Sam and Bob have been trying all week to get a call-back from a certain person at the utility, without success.

The anonymous caller reported that there have been staff shortages and changes in personnel, particularly at one water-treatment plant, so that the charcoal material wasn’t added as soon as it might have been. In addition to inversion caused by thermal changes in the water, there’s apparently a bloom of blue-green algae, thriving now because of nutrients draining into the river after the rains. The only statement thus far issued by the City is not particularly informative and mentions a grassy or vegetal taste. Others detect a smell and taste of earth. Some people say that their dogs and cats won’t drink tapwater right now. Austin isn’t alone in enjoying this phenomenon. Although there’s nothing posted at the LCRA site, its customers are reported to be enjoying the same sort of flavorful and aromatic water now being supplied to Austinites.

Sam and Bob also reminded that it won’t be the prelude to aerial bombardment that we’ll hear tomorrow afternoon; there will be a flyover in honor of military veterans at about 5:30 in the afternoon, coming directly over the stadium before the football game.

When he’s not on the air, Bob Cole is often to be seen at Hill’s Cafe, which he brought to life again, or at The Tavern, which he rescued from who knows what fate. Sammy, of course, half of the vocalists and the sole mandolin player for the Geezinslaws, is out and about and on stage at the Broken Spoke the fourth Saturday of every month.

Sam and Son have been musical partners since their days at the old Austin High School, now the Rio Grande campus of the Austin Community College. An on-line Geezinslaw history mentions their stint with Arthur Godfrey but not some of their other musical adventures. One of my favorite holiday songs is “My Pocket’s Got a Hole in It” and of course the song about the Elvis and Fred Flintstone whiskey decanters (“Elvis said I like ’em young; Fred said old-fashioned girls are fun”) is good for New Year’s Eve.

When Bob’s away, Sammy very often invites musical guests to the studio. It’s impossible to predict what Kinky Friedman will have on his mind when he’s given air time.

Politically, I’d say that Bob Cole is Predictable and Sammy Allred is Cussed.

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