Just ahead of the rain

We flew over to Sledd’s Nursery in Clarksville, hoping that the seeds for Drummond’s phlox weren’t sold out, but they were. It was impossible, though, to resist a couple of pots of pink clyclamen. Even though it was foggy, the showiness of the color can be seen in this photo. Sledd’s is in the beautiful old Texaco station across from Jeffrey’s restaurant and next-door to Kash-Karry, now FreshPlus, locally owned. This store has one of the few remaining permissive postering bulletin boards in town. Lost pets, events, items for sale, and much, much more are to be found on this board. The one that people are always looking for, though, is that elusive garage apartment with a landlord not aware of what it could be rented for, often the widow of a deceased academic who picks and chooses her tenants by how well she likes them, not by how much they can pay. After grabbing up some items that Kash-Karry karries but hardly anyone else does, the intention was to head over to Big Red Sun to look for the elusive phlox and then to hit the reopened Carver branch library. When we saw so many people sitting on their front porches taking their entertainment from visitors there strictly for the eastside studio tour, though, we knew it would be difficult to park in the alley behind the Sun. Such was the case and so we skipped the library also and made it back just before the skies opened up yet again. One of the items picked up at Kash-Karry was a beautiful loaf of white bread from Sweetish Hill, perfect for turkey sandwiches.

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