My Latest (and last for now) Two Cheap Austin Meals

As I hover on the verge of leaving Austin (tomorrow) for a month’s trip to San Francisco, I am suddenly struck with the pressing need to consume certain comestibles.

Item No. 1: Julio’s in Hyde Park makes the BEST breakfast tacos (in my humble–not–opinion). I know, I know, this is a subject over which the most mild-mannered Austinites can easily come to blows, but I’ll make a bold move and say that Julio’s are non-pareil. Period, paragraph. OK, OK, they are the best BECAUSE the tortillas are fresh, the eggs aren’t runny, the bacon is crisp and they’re BIG. One taco alone can get me to lunch-time easily. (Hence the critical adjective, “cheap.”)

Item No. 2: The oatmeal at Magnolia Cafe. It’s awesome, just like Mom used to make (if you were a well-kept kid). The cinnamon, the raisins, the brown sugar, the real butter…. Ahhhh….

I don’t care how much money I have in my pocket; there is for me, at least, great satisfaction in cheap eats. And Austin, college town that it is, supplies opportunity aplenty. (More to come in the future on this inexhaustible of subjects.)

So, I’m running around today, doing all those last-minute-getting-out-of-town-errands and I’m wondering, WHY am I leaving this gracious Southern winter weather of my own volition? I KNOW S.F. will be her typical grouchy, wet, stinkin’ cold self when I arrive at SFO tomorrow.

I can’t help myself. I love her! So I’m off. Look for me on the S.F. blog if you can stand to….

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