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Despite producing two lackluster prequels, George Lucas has the whole world frothing at the mouth for his final (let’s hope) Star Wars film. Whether you chalk it up to childhood nostalgia, marketing muscle, or a good ol-fashioned jedi mind trick, people just can’t seem to wait until the May 19th opening to get in on the Episode III hysteria. In L.A., this has produced a minor war between our Metroblogging mothership and a contentious group of line-waiters whose logistics are as bad as their fashion sense.

Alamo-DH.jpgThankfully we have the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin to bring a more realistic approach to the whole enterprise. The Alamo website is now taking ticket orders online for the entire opening weekend. This is great news for us blogging types who prefer to keep our geekiness confined to the Internet, rather than parading it around in public with homemade lightsabers and stormtrooper outfits. It’s also convenient for regular folks who just want to watch the movie without having to wait around in line like some over-exuberant Aerosmith fan. Plus there’s the usual attraction of food and beer to help ease whatever pain may come from yet another disappointing Star Wars installment. Thanks Alamo!

FYI: South Lamar is currently the only Alamo selling tix for Star Wars III.

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