Anti-mosquito device

pavilion.jpg Those of us who live without air-conditioning hang around outdoors in the evenings, waiting for the house to cool down.

Not wanting to be tasty-bites for the mosquitoes once it gets dark, many of us retreat to our screen pavilions. Costing under thirty dollars at the end of the season, these often last four or five years, barring fallen tree limbs or excessively high winds. This one’s quite quite luxurious, because it has more headroom and is half again as long on the zippered sides as on the side shown in the photograph.

The one that just expired was exactly like the Star Wars shelter. This one, put up this weekend, was acquired at an end-of-season sale and stockpiled three years ago.

When conversation and watching the beercan pinwheel spinning in the moonlight fall short as entertainment, there’s always reading by the light of those battery-powered lanterns. So it’s nix to MosquitoNix and its cousins. We already enjoy “the solution that really works.”

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  1. Robbie (unregistered) on May 20th, 2005 @ 10:59 am

    You live in Austin? And you don’t have AC? Seriously?


    Is this is a conscious choice? Can you not afford to cool your home? Is there something evil about AC that you are protesting?

    I don’t understand. It’s like saying, “for those of us who live without indoor plumbing…”

  2. Rantor (unregistered) on May 20th, 2005 @ 11:30 am

    One might ask in what world you live. Perhaps this summer you’d like to contribute to the fan drive so that old people here in Austin who can’t even afford fans will have at least one. Many churches and social-service agencies, including Family ElderCare, work on supplying fans to those who have no other means of indoor-cooling. Perhaps you don’t know that older houses were built to be lived in without air-conditioning. Perhaps you don’t know that some older wiring won’t support even a window unit. Perhaps you don’t know that new wiring, if it can be afforded, causes a jump in property-tax appraisals. Walk around sometime in older neighborhoods; you won’t hear central units and all their noise at every house and you may see people sitting on their porches or in their yards. Many houses in Austin have just one window unit. Look for the houses with window screens. In this house, it is reasonably comfortable all summer long; generations lived here that way from the beginning and it’s still possible. When it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s usually no more than 80 degrees inside. We have never used more than 350 kwh, ever, at any time of the year. And for your information, it’s possible to live a comfortable and civilized life without any electricity at all, and without a telephone and without indoor plumbing, although as to the latter, it’s very nice to have a pump right on the premises so as not to have to haul water. This I know from personal experience.

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