Old Star

06-16-05_2305.jpgSitting in the heavy open air outside Ruta Maya last night, I was in desperate need of a Lone Star as both thirst quencher and social analgesic. The bartender (eventually) cured my thirst, with the added benefit that I got to experience the retro tallboy design for the first time. Lone Star turns 65 this year, so apparantly that warrants dusting off a 30-year old design.

The beer doesn’t taste any different, but the retro packaging seems to have its intended effect. I was mesmerized by the can much longer than is warranted by its contents. Metblog’s own TimT even got all misty-eyed recalling the old “giant armadillos drank my beer!” ad campaign, proving yet again that marketing to children is a highly effective tactic for building long-term brand affinity.

And of course, this is all about marketing beer. To experience the whimsical unreality of the press release [with editorial commentary], read on past the break.


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  1. ttrentham (unregistered) on June 17th, 2005 @ 5:17 pm

    It’s more like “a giant armadillo done sucked up all the beer”. It was always a Lone Star delivery truck driver pleading his case to an incredulous lawman with a ruined truck in the background.

    I’m shocked and appalled that a search of the Internets turned up nary a video clip or screen capture. Perhaps a reader whose Google-Fu is more advanced than my own can help.

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