Convenient convenience, not just for mocha-bars

fm1718.jpg The Farm to Market Grocery really is open every single day of the week from 8 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock at night. And the turnover is rapid. I know because, now that it seems to be impossible to find a Lindt Mocca bar anywhere in this town, every week I try a new dark-chocolate candy bar with coffee flavoring. And the last week’s stock is always gone so that there’s a new brand to try. Sharffen Berger wasn’t restocked, I was told, because the minimum quantity was a burden for this small establishment. The Kahlua bar was too sweet for me. I’ve also tried two additional brands, the names of which I can’t now recall and liked them both. One was in a very elegant wrapping and each flavor, not just the coffee, was “prescribed” for a different mood or energy need; the other brand had the face of a tiger on the coffee flavor. I’d try any of these again. Some had crisp coffee-flavored bits in them and some were smooth; some were very dark and others not so. For those who don’t arrive on foot or on a bike, in addition to the parking out front at 1718 South Congress, there’s a lot behind the building complete with a door into the store from that side. I appreciate it that this outfit appreciates people who appreciate coffee-flavored dark chocolate. There must be more of us than I’d have guessed. This store now has its beer and wine license. Every time, though, that we’re about to take a serious look at what’s on the shelves, it turns out to be Suinday morning, before sales are legal, so that report’s not available.

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