Too much to ask?

The hearing conducted yesterday on a defense motion seeking removal of the assigned judge in the DeLay case was national news, so anyone might expect that the local daily could report on the entire event. The NYT printed a fuller account, but didn’t reflect local knowledge of the witnesses who took the stand. Nobody is reporting atmosphere, with all the meeting and greeting that went on, the scramble for seats in the courtroom, the reporters’ rush to the bank of elevators every time the doors opened.

Someone there yesterday from the beginning until a certain point related testimony that has not appeared in print (one example being that of Royal Masset). The local daily covers testimony heard later in the day. And the NYT mentions a witness that the local daily omits.

One is reminded of the blind men who went to see the elephant: each one knew only about the part that he touched; not one could describe the beast in its entirety. Why isn’t anybody reporting from start to finish at events like these?

The judge who made the ruling, of course, is keeping his own counsel.

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