Voting Day Thoughts

I voted last weekend when I stopped by Ruiz Library to return some books. It was there and there wasn’t a line.
As many have already mentioned, Tuesday is the big day. There are three bond proposals and, if I remember correctly, nine proposed amendments to our dysfunctional state constitution. The Chronicle’s advocating “yes” on all the bonds and “no” on all of the amendments. Easy to remember, I guess. I’m with them on the argument that it’s bullshit to write every goddamn thing into the constitution. How did we get started doing that anyway?

It’s also already been pointed out that if you vote for prop. 2, you’re aligning yourself with those wonderful people in the pointy white hats and robes who’ll be gracing city hall today with their erudite presence. There seem to be two schools of thought on what to do about them: ignore them or moon them. I can see the merits of both. I just noticed in reading up on them that these particular KKK members are from Georgia. On top of everything else, shouldn’t we all be annoyed that they’re here and not in their own damn state?

Here’s some links on the gay marriage debate that I happened across over the last couple of weeks. I think they’re all well-written and I agree with some things and disagree with others. Ultimately, I had plenty of reasons to vote against the amendment.

Jane Galt
Gideon’s Blog
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