At home at home

Austin is at times acoustically unbearable. This was one of the extremely rare weekends when all was peaceful. We could hear the chimes from the old fire tower. We could hear the church bells ringing the hours downtown. We did not leave the property except for a stroll around the neighborhood. We realized that we’re virtually forced out of the house most weekends, that we depart to run errands the first time that the police helicopter buzzes more than once, or when it’s obvious that we’ll be subjected to over-amplified bombardment of voice announcements or “music,” or when people begin going berserk with leaf-blowers, chasing a half-dozen leaves around their property for hours at a time.

In some past years, the Race for the Cure was careless with its sound equipment and was also attended by hovering TV-station helicopters. Consideration following complaints remedied the first situation; perhaps the high cost of fuel has ameliorated the other. Up until late yesterday afternoon, when a small plane, and not an especially noisy one, was circling repeatedly, no noise assault of any kind spoiled the peace. There was no reason to leave, and so we didn’t, staying at home the entire weekend, from Friday evening until this morning.

How wonderful to sit out under a tree and read for hours! How delightful to open all the windows and doors and not be required to play music indoors to cancel noise outdoors! And we cooked and baked and cooked and baked. And ran not a single errand.

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