Special delivery

Fortunate are those who want to see their newspapers first thing and who actually get to do so. If the papers aren’t there by five in the morning on weekdays and well before six on weekends, there’s reason to worry. All the neighborhood early-birds and their pets recognize the sound of the vehicle before it appears.

Surprising numbers of the neighbors respond to that holiday greeting that gives the carrier’s mailing address. There’ve been days when the mail should have been, but was not, delivered. But if there’s rain, snow, sleet, or hail, the papers always arrive, no matter what. Only if the press-run has been for some reason delayed is there a delayed delivery.

On our route, the holiday greeting goes only to Saturday subscribers, so those who receive the local daily weekdays only and those who subscribe just to the Sunday edition don’t see it. The carrier knows which of us truly appreciate her service. We’re the ones waiting out there for the papers to drop. The ones who recognize our carrier by sight. The ones whose “good morning” voices she recognizes and who recognize hers.

Sure; some of us used to borrow other people’s papers or wait to buy them from a street-corner vendor downtown, back when there were such people. But once you’ve become a person who needs newsprint, and fresh newsprint, to accompany that first cup of coffee, the day starts out wrong if the coffee’s there but the paper isn’t.

Maybe all routes enjoy wonderful service, but I only know about this route. I’ve moved from one Austin habitation to another but have never forsaken this route, and AF is the most recent of a chain of exemplary carriers. Thank you!

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