The KEYE Curse Continues

pols_feature-3.jpgAustin’s local CBS affiliate just can’t get a break. Since joining the Viacom family just over 10 years ago, K-EYE has suffered through laughable news, low ratings, and even murder. Some might go so far as to say the station is cursed.

If you’re the superstitious type, then you won’t be surprised to hear that K-EYE anchor and Austin icon Judy Maggio had her northwest Austin house burn to the ground yesterday, causing $400k in damage and the death of a pet cat. If I were Fred Cantu, I’d be sacrificing a chicken or two just as a precaution.

Still, there is plenty of good to find from this tragedy; Judy and her husband are safely in Cali to watch the Rose Bowl, their dog was rescued from the blaze, and Neal Spelce is still retired. This scenario also provides the best news-related band name since The Gay Sportscasters. But for any fledgling bands thinking of calling themselves Judy Maggio’s Burning P… ummmm, Cat, just be wary that you too will be dancing with the K-EYE curse. And bad taste, of course.

Speaking of bad taste, perhaps K-EYE should consider broadcasting its news from La Bare. The convergence of two curses might free both parties from their eternal suffering. Or at least provide cheap ratings.

Update: The Statesman can’t decide whether to be active or passive about this story. Active voice wins the popularity contest.

* photo from Austin Chronicle.

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