Valentine readiness

In the interests of research and in preparation for Cupid’s big day, it’s possible to have your romantic relationship scientifically analyzed with the results presented graphically (that’s in the form of a graph, people!) for your education and improvement. Not only that, but if you’re smart enough to get through the maze of questions without being booted out, no doubt you’ve got what it takes in the love department.

It should go without saying that the science involved here is social science. The more senior researcher is described as a professor of human development and family sciences who has studied romantic relationships for over a quarter of a century. Whether the field work involves more than questinnaires isn’t stated. The associate is described as having interests that “include the development and evaluation of education programs for the enhancement of romantic relationships, how people form dating relationships, changes in the meaning of dating, and the role of dating in mate selection.”

The notion that there is such a thing as family sciences, plural, is a bit alarming, but these are your tax dollars at work, and the investment has produced a good conversation-starter at least. Tyros in amorology may click the button labeled “About Relationships in General.” All is anonymous and participants must aver that they are 18 years of age or older.

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