The K-Tel Hit Machine play this Friday

The KTEL Hit Machine will be playing this Friday, 2/17/06, at Cedar Street Courtyard, 208 W. 4th Street. If you like cover bands full of some of Austin’s most sickeningly talented musicians, then go check them out, but don’t be fooled; Darin Murphy is Pure Evil.

The story of how I first discovered this band was chronicled in a whiny, self pitying post here. Sure he was talented, successful, and by all accounts an all around great guy, and some might say my “Darin Murphy is evil” theory is the result of an envy colored delusion, but I have evidence! Mike, the bass player for the band, stumbled upon my post and personally emailed me damning evidence. Recent investigations also lead me to believe that Darin Murphy was the mastermind behind Soylent Green. IT’S PEOPLE! SOYLENT GREEN IS MADE OF PEOPLE!

Check out their website, and if their music sound like something you dig, get out and check them out. You’ll be blown away. Or if you’re a musician like me (or maybe even if you’re not) you’ll probably be depressed that you’re not in the band. Be vigilant of the evil among us! E-villll, like the fru-its of the dev-illl!

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