No lo creo

There are those who can’t believe it’s not butter; there are others who can scarcely believe this is Austin. We now have a mayor who’s right up there with LBJ and his scar or Richard M. Nixon photographed presenting Elvis with a special badge. Searing the eyeballs of the innocent onlooker, Won’t Lose appears in at least two photographs this week taken as he paraded the runway in a handsome-enough at-home get-up. In one of the pix, the top is unbottoned to the waist; in the other, it’s dropped carelessly to expose the shoulders. In both, the garish jewelry encircling his neck has prominence, as do certain expanses of naked torso. The local daily sports one of these photographs; the Chron has another.

And speaking of the Chron, I can’t believe (a) that it’s succumbing to the odious “SoCo” usage (say NoCo to SoCo), and (b) that in its map insert of “dining spots” it omitted the longest-tenured place on the Avenue, El Gallo, even while displaying many establishments on the map that aren’t even on Congress. El Gallo does appear in Chron’s on-line guide, although without a link to El Gallo’s website, but still.

And here’s the third “now I’ve seen everything” phenomenon. Some must tip a pizza-delivery outfit or sign up with the Soup Peddler or call Eat Out In if they want real food at home without the bother of preparing it. There’s now so much construction within walking distance of the house, as I discovered when home two days this week, that we’re on a regular taco-truck route, complete with predictable times of arrival for breakfast, mid-morning, and lunch. I asked at the closest worksite and was told that a second truck comes through, also, but not that regularly, and that soon there’ll be a paletero making rounds once the weather’s just a bit warmer. The aroma of sawdust is a pleasant one; the dusty aura of concrete not. But as the people become fewer and the habitations become ever larger, there’s some compensation in knowing that we can run home for lunch and have it be a catered repast.

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  1. F.E.F. (unregistered) on March 3rd, 2006 @ 2:48 pm

    I know it looks like English — but seriously, what fucking language are you speaking?

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