Breakfast in perpetuity

4seasns.jpgIf I could, I’d like to be the recipient of an endowed scholarship underwriting brunch at the Four Seasons every weekend for the remainder of my life. This isn’t something that anybody not as rich as Croesus could expect to enjoy very often without financial aid, but the full Sunday brunch there is breakfast heaven.

Thanks to visitors here for SxSW, the full treat was laid on today, complete with the additional amenities of the stroll in the lanscaped grounds overlooking the river and those restrooms provided with baskets of clean, rolled-up real terrycloth towels for drying the hands.

Not even the most minuscule of portions would permit the hungriest person in the world to sample everything available at this sumptuous repast. Here’s what I enjoyed personally: hot baking-powder biscuits, fresh red raspberries, the very best of ham, bacon, and slices of rare rib-roast of beef, two kinds of fresh fish, carpaccio, thin-sliced raw fish of two kinds, fresh-squeezed Texas grapefruit juice, and more. Others at the table were treated to eggs Benedict, shrimp, mussels, sushi of various kinds, several kinds of vegetables, coffee cakes, fresh fruit, fancy pastries, and so much else that I couldn’t keep track of it all. Whatever this costs is for all you can eat, and the mimosas keep a-coming also.

The staff is wonderful and very good at estimating when a table will be available. A great many of the diners seemed to be SxSW people; others were just visiting Austin for other reasons, it would appear; we recognized several resident Austinites. When you go, go hungry, in order to be able to try as many of the treats as possible.

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