Thursday Night Movie Angst

rebel.jpgImagine that I’m Jim Stark (star-crossed friends call me “Jamie”) and that the Alamo Drafthouse is my indecisive father who looks suspiciously like marooned millionaire Thurston Howell III. If you’re hanging with the metaphor, then you’ll probably guess that I drunkenly confront Alamo / Dad after a bout with teen angst lands me in the pokey. All I want is Thursday to be a day when I don’t have to be all confused. But the Alamo shows so many movies I want to see, I don’t know where I belong, you know?

7:00pm | Alamo S. Lamar: ROOM
Texas MFA alum Kyle Henry debuted his psychological thriller at Sundance and Cannes, which means “Room” has made a big splash but no money. Kyle got his start with a grant from the Texas Filmmakers’ Production Fund, and all proceeds from this local premiere go to supporting similarly innovative films. The film also features music from local rockers The Crack Pipes.

7:00pm | Alamo S. Lamar: Lawrence of Arabia with Arabian Feast
Peter O’Toole before Phantoms was the bomb, man. Alec Guinness before he wielded lightsabers. Omar Sharif before bidding “no trump” was a career choice. And it’s now available in a 35mm print with a multi-course feast fit for Lawrence himself in one of Alamo’s patented dining events.

8:30pm | Rolling Roadshow: Rebel Without a Cause
Even though the James Dean museum was a failure, there are few cinematic icons as powerful or enduring. It all started with Rebel. Oh, and a crashed Porsche Spyder. But any guy who defines cool from a character who cries, whines, and runs like a girl has got a whole lotta special going on. Plus you get to watch the film for FREE amidst the burgeoning surburbia behind the Backyard.

10:05pm | Alamo S. Lamar: The Warriors
Everybody knows the money line, and now you get to live the moment with your very own little Budweiser bottles. And if anybody shows up in a baseball jersey, beat the hell out of them! Wait, maybe that’s just the video game version … Anyway, Walter Hill rocks and this is a great chance to catch the ultimate 70’s flick unedited on the big screen.

10:10pm | Alamo S. Lamar: Ronnie Lane: The Passing Show
This week’s showings don’t include a performance from Ian McLagan (that was last Saturday), but this documentary should hold up well on its own. From the British blues rock explosion in the 60’s and 70’s to a health-constrained denouement in Austin, Ronnie Lane never failed to entertain. The film promises to do likewise.

Alamo, you’re tearing me APART!!!

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