Super Sucker Strikes South

Talk of gas siphoning is back in vogue now that gas prices are in the same league as a venti latte. But sucking gas through a hose is for chumps; most cars have locked gas caps, and unleaded breath is just too high a price for most to pay over a couple gallons.

Like processors and porn, siphoning is orders of magnitude ahead of where it was in the 70’s. An Austinite has taken out the middle-man, pumping gas directly from underground tanks in Southeast Austin while masquerading as a late-night lot cleaner. All told, the mysterious thief has made off with 2,600 gallons pumped from area stations into his custom rigged pickup and trailer.

If you see a guy selling gas out of a white GMC / Chevy truck, check and see what price he’s asking for his filched fuel. If he wants anything more than $2.50 a gallon, then call the cops right away. For a guy who doesn’t have to pay guv’ment gas taxes, that’s just criminal.

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