Protect? Maybe. Serve? Not so much.


I looked out my window this morning when I arrived at work and this is what I saw. The back side of our building is a nice little hideaway from the street. They’re either enjoying an illicit donut away from prying eyes or my web browsing habits have finally done me in.

While I’m on the subject, I had unsatisfactory exchange with another gaggle o’ cops a couple of weeks ago. A van had been abandoned in the driveway of my son’s school for at least a week. I’d been meaning to call 311 and report it and on that particular morning, I noticed a group of 4 cop cars around a dump truck a block or so down the road from the school.

Figuring that’d be easier than calling it in, I walked over to tell them about it. I walked up to two of the cops who were talking to each other, but weren’t involved with the dump truck. I introduced myself, said that my son went to the school next door and that there was an abandoned van in the driveway. In fact, one of the windows had been broken out in the last day or so. I could see the one cop’s eyes glaze over as I talked to him. He told me they’d check it out and the other cop mentioned that he’d seen the van. I walked back to my car and waited a few minutes to see what would happen. I watched as each cop left without stopping to do anything about the van. Is it possible that they all got called out on another call? All four of them? How many cops does it take to make a traffic stop on a dump truck anyway? They didn’t look very busy when I walked up to them.

I ended up calling 311 to report it. I got a call back a couple of hours later from another unit who was having trouble finding the driveway. Gee, if one of the other guys had taken 5 minutes to deal with it when I’d asked, it would’ve been easier.

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