tubing01.sized.jpgThe weather today is beautiful, but soon enough the Texas summer heat will be upon us like a large demonic flaming moose in heat, and that has my mind turning to thoughts of toobin! Some may know it as tubing or innertubing, but I personally find much more joy packed into the word “toobin”, and the fun increases with each “o” you add.

Each year, we try to go toooooobin at least once down both the Guadalupe and the Comal. They both have their own character, and I’m not sure which one I actually prefer. I don’t remember which toooobin company we have used on the Comal, but for the Guadalupe, we’ve only ever used Janie’s Riverbank. I don’t really know the differences between all the different companies, but Janie’s just happened to be the place my friend (who introduced me to Tooobin) chose after doing some online research. All our experiences with them have been great, and I would certainly recommend them, but as I’ve said, I never used anyone else, so there’s probably a ton of other great places you could equally go to who would also happily supply you with giant rubber inflated donut.

I always like to get a “bottom tube” which, while it may sound a bit saucy (or maybe I should say, cheeky), is just an innertube with a plastic bottom attached to it. I also find it amusing that a “cooler” tube is simply a bottom tube which costs more money to rent, since it will be the sacred resting place of your cooler full of food and drink and most likely shared by several people. Kind of a cheap trick, in my opinion, but what’s a toooooooooober (not to be confused with a tuber) to do?

Miscellaneous tooobin tip for any toobin noobies: I like to bring along some nylon rope and carabiners (little climbing hook type things that many people use as key chains too) so you can tether your group of friends (and coolers) together. The carabiners help for easy release if you want it. That sounded much dirtier than I meant it. I’d be interested to hear any reader suggestions as to good places to get your tooooooobin on.

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  1. M1EK (unregistered) on May 11th, 2006 @ 5:34 pm

    God, I love toobin’.

    My favorite thing to do is sneak up underneath my friends and flip ’em. Unfortunately, I also tend to do this more when inebriated. Doubly unfortunately, I can tell you that when you flip a tube, and end up feeling a lot colder than you expect, you have just miscounted the number of toobs to your friend and have, instead, flipped the beer cooler.

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