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It’s been fashionable to trash the studios for their pandering output of crap since the edgy 70’s segued into the John Hughes 80’s. But, with Poseidon sinking fast and The DaVinci Code getting panned at Cannes, you have to wonder if Hollywood can’t even get the brainless blockbusters right anymore. Hell, if it weren’t for the Alamo Drafthouse and the Paramount Summer series, I’m not sure why I’d go to the movies anymore.

Fortunately, local indie king Richard Linklater may be poised to save the industry from itself. Since our man scored studio cred by making actual money with School of Rock, he’s been positioned to reach a wider audience with larger profile studio offerings. Although his follow-up to SoR was a crappy re-make of the Bad News Bears, it didn’t besmirch his reputation so much as whet our appetite for his “real” work, the upcoming releases of A Scanner Darkly and Fast Food Nation.

Scanner will likely be a love-it-or-hate-it affair similar to Waking Life, with some folks turned on by the gimmicky rotoscoping and dime-store philosophy and others dismissing it as self-indulgent crap. I’d like to be in the first camp, although some early postings from the SXSW have me nervous.

But the film I’m really waiting for is his dramatic adaptation of Fast Food Nation. I loved the book, especially for its attention to the abuses in the meat-handling industry and the realities of corporate farming, but never considered it a candidate for a film treatment. Linklater has bundled the myriad socio-economic elements into interweaving dramatic storylines, and I’m excited to see how it turns out. The best Linklater films tend to be those without a traditional story arc (Before Sunset being a personal favorite), and Fast Food Nation could play right into that strength when it’s released this Fall.

You can now check out the trailer for FFN on YouTube. [Link originally found at CHUD]

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