Bad TV Alert with an Austin Twist

I’m embarrassed that my first post on Austin Metroblogging is about something so cheesy as Rock Star: Supernova, but there is an Austin connection. Patrice Pike is one of the contestants, she of Sister Seven fame and Austin residence. If you can put up with the tired rock star jargon (“right on, right on, my brother”), Dave Navarro in general for more than five minutes, and what appears to be a wig on Gilby Clarke, then its an entertaining show. There are some good performances.

I thought Patrice put in one of the stronger performances last week, but there is some strong competition. That crazy South African girl, Dilana, seems to fit well with Tommy Lee and gang. If I was Patrice, I’m not sure I’d want to win. That would involve touring with Supernova and probably signing an indentured servant-type contract with the producers. I’d just want to stick around long enough to develop some national name recognition. She has an excellent chance of going far into the competition.

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